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Can I board a TITSA bus with a baby in a buggiepram?

Yes, as long as the bus has an area adapted for disabled passengers. On buses with a space reserved for wheelchair users, you can place the buggiepram there until a wheelchair traveller boards the bus, when you will need to remove it. On buses not equipped with this space, once on board you must fold the buggiepramplace it in such a way that it does not bother other users (e.g. place it beside your seat).

The child should be carried in your arms for the duration of the journey for reasons of safety.

You are not allowed to board the bus with double buggiesprams.

Can I travel with animals?

Travelling with animals is not permitted except for guide dogs for the blind (Royal Decree 763/1979, of 16 March (R.1049). Pets not exceeding 10 kg. weight, carrier not exceeding 60 x 35 x 35 cm are only allowed.

Can I board the bus with a bicycle?

Bicycles are not allowed on board unless the bus has an under floor luggage compartment (never inside the bus itself) where they can be placed foldedcovered to avoid damage to themselvesto other packages. Preference is given to suitcasesother packages.

Can I transport packagessuitcases on the buses?

Packages are only permitted when the driver considers that their size, type, shapeother features will not occupy the space of other usersinconvenience them in any way.

Depending on the rate of occupancy for each journey, the driver will authorise access for packagesissue instructions.

Luggage must be placed in the under floor luggage compartment.

Related to information finding

Where can I find the routestimetables of TITSA’s bus services?

You can consult routes, timetablesfrequency at our website under Our Services, What route does number… follow? You can download information from the section: Information/Downloads.

Staff will provide you with detailed informationleaflets about our services at bus station information desks.

How can I find out how long it will take my bus to arrive at a specific bus stop?

By sending a text message from your mobile to 7551, inserting TITSA followed by a spacethe bus-stop number in question. In a few seconds, you will receive a message with the times of the buses that pass by that bus stop.

You can also visit our website under What route does number… follow?you can receive this information by going to the bus stop where you want to know the times of bus services.

Related to TITSA’s responsibilities

Who should I approach to file a complaint, claim suggestion?

Complaints books can be found in the offices of traffic managers at all TITSA bus stations. You can state your claims on the complaints form as long as you keep your ticket as proof of travel.

Is TITSA responsible for the loss of users’ packages, valuablespersonal objects?

TITSA is not legally liable for objects stolen from luggage compartmentsinside buses, unless employees are involved. We therefore recommend you do not transport objects of value unless they are placed in your hand luggage.

Related to the methodconditions of payment

Are bus drivers obliged to provide change for a single ticket if you don’t have the right amount?

€10 is the maximum amount you can give to the driver, who is not obliged to provide change for any amount over this limit for security reasons.

Do travel cards expire?

Yes. The travel card is valid for one year from the moment it is first used.

At what age do children begin paying?

Children under four (inclusive) can travel free of charge. They must be accompanied by an adultnot take up a seat.

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